Double the XHouse of XPowers of X

A slew of covers have been revealed my Marvel Comics for this summer’s X-Men event series’ House of X and Powers of X.

Double the X

There’s a heaping helping of X on the way this summer, courtesy of the new push that Marvel Comics is giving the X-Men. This is a big one too, as the X-Men are receiving a new creative force with Jonathan Hickman.

Hickman is going to be introducing this new era with a pair of six issue event series’ that’ll run this summer called House of X and Powers of X. The twin books will run on and off each week till the event comes to a close, which will in turn lead into the new X-series’.

What exactly that will mean is still under wraps, as Marvel hasn’t talked about the X-Men comics that’ll come post-summer. What we do know though is that everything that’s out there right now will be ending.

And that brings us right back around to House of X and Powers of X. Today Marvel unveiled the slate of covers for the first issues of both. All in all, it’s an impressive lot that includes visions of X-Men from throughout the mutant super-team’s lengthy run.

Check them out in the gallery below, then get ready for mutant history making in action when both mini-series’ kick off this July.

House of X

Powers of X

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