Dracula Untold takes a bite out of the box office this week

Universal’s reboot of the Dracula legend arrives in theaters this Friday.

Is it me, or is there a definite Castlevania: Lords of Shadow vibe happening there? That’s not a knock by the way as I love that franchise and developer MercurySteam’s take on the Dracula legend, but it definitely feels like there’s a little of the flair that LoS’ Drac has in the Luke Evans version on the big screen. I mean, when was the last time you saw the vampire lord taking on a whole army by himself? Right.

Of course, in Dracula Untold there’s a pretty big difference in that actual history has been crossed over with the traditional vampire fiction. Whether the film pulls it off or not is still a question, but it actually looks like it might be a good deal of fun- and it just might be a part of Universal Pictures’  new ‘monsters’ shared universe that they’ve working on. As a fan of pretty much all of these classic monster properties, that’s something that’s of interest to me. I’m crossing my fingers for not only a connection here to what’s to come, but also for just a good action/horror romp with some nice special effects.

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Dracula Untold lands in theaters this Friday, the 10th of October.

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