Dragon Age 4’s Christian Dalley shares new concept art for 2021

Dragon Age 4's Christian Dalley shares new concept art for 2021

December brought us a tease of BioWare’s upcoming Dragon Age 4 in the form of some narrative threads, but it surely did not shed much light on what to expect. Varric’s narration may have brought back some memories, and the appearance of Solas hinted at greater things in motion, but all of that means little when it comes to the actual game at this stage. It seems that BioWare is taking their time in building up to the game, and that would be a wise move. The latest concept art for Dragon Age 4 definitely continues in that vein.

Shared by executive producer Christian Dalley, the new concept art does not say a lot about Dragon Age 4. We have no clue who this archer is, where they are, or what they are shooting at. The background is a mixture of manmade structures and nature, and there are floating rocks about.

At a glance, there is not much to see except the fantasy roots of the game. Perhaps more hardcore fans can run the rule over the concept art, but it appears that the Dragon Age 4 team is being very cautious here.

Keeping cards close

Considering the year BioWare has had, it is definitely a move in the right direction. Having lost two senior figures in Casey Hudson and Mark Darrah, the latter who was heading up the development for Dragon Age 4, it is safe to say that fans have their worries.

While this new concept art may not say much about Dragon Age 4‘s development, but it is still something to hold on to.

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Be that as it may, Dragon Age 4 remains a highly anticipated sequel to one of the more enduring role-playing games in recent times. There is no release date in place for the game, but BioWare is sure to share more as development continues.

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