Dragonflight may release this year

Dragonflight may release this year

Since its launch in 2004, the ever-famous MMORPG World of Warcraft has received a new expansion roughly every two years. The last one, Shadowlands, launched for the game in November of 2020. Naturally, this should lead most fans to believe that the next expansion, Dragonflight, will release for WoW this year. Apparently, Blizzard also believes this to be true. In a store listing for the expansion, it’s mentioned that Dragonflight should arrive “on or before December 31, 2022.”

This isn’t an official announcement, mind. And there’s a good chance Blizzard may change this. Generally, a release date of “December 31” is accepted as a placeholder, and not a promise. Still, saying that the game will come out “before” that time does lead us to believe we’ll see Dragonflight soon — likely during the winter. Shadowlands did drop in November, after all.


Obviously, this bit of release info was only revealed as Blizzard was detailing the many editions you can purchase for WoW: Dragonflight. So, when you’re ready to shake down the orchard of money trees you grew for Diablo Immortal, you can check them out. The Base Edition will set you back $49.99 USD, whereas the Heroic and Epic Editions are $69.99 USD and $89.99 USD, respectively. They offer additional content, such as a pet or transmogs, as well as a Character Boost for all but the Base Editions. Pre-purchasing the game grants you a Drakks Pet, but that’s if you decide on risking some cash for a potentially ‘okay’ expansion. But that’s just me being negative, isn’t it?

World Of Warcraft Dragonflight Expansion Reveal Beta 2

Taking flight

WoW: Dragonflight is the next expansion for the famed MMORPG. It brings a new playable race, more land to explore, and an increased level cap of 70 after Shadowlands smooshed the old level cap down. The expansion also introduces a playable class and race combo, called the Dracthyr Evoker. You can play it either as a healer or ranged fighter that uses magic.

As mentioned, we shouldn’t consider this an official announcement by developer Blizzard just yet. However, the release window makes plenty of sense. I’d bet money that WoW: Dragonflight will release this year. Hell, it’d be a better way to spend it than on Legendary Gems. Not that it’s stopping anyone.

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