Dragon’s Blood trailer explains events in the anime series

Dragon's Blood trailer explains events in the anime series

Valve’s Dota 2 is a juggernaut when it comes to the gaming industry. Thanks to the fervent community and the might of Valve behind it, the commitments and investments for the franchise are still going strong to this day. Sure, the MOBA might not have the best tutorial to guide new players, but once you pick it up, it can be hard to put down. However, Dota will exist in more than just gaming soon. A new Dota anime series is scheduled to arrive on Netflix this spring, and the latest trailer explains just what you need to know about Dota: Dragon’s Blood.

Casters SirActionSlacks, ODPixel, and Sheever use their collective knowledge for the greater good. In the new trailer, the trio explain the setting of the game as well as the show. This is not exactly a deep dive, but not a skimming of the lore either. It goes all the way back to the beginning of the universe.


If you did not already know, a primordial mind decided to engage in combat with itself, which sets the stage for what is to come. Pretty standard anime stuff. Time passes, and we eventually get to the start of Dota: Dragon’s Blood. Note that the trailer states it has nothing to do with all of that cosmic stuff happening in the past.

Unveiling the past

As revealed by the trailer, Dota: Dragon’s Blood will focus on one of the many heroes in the game. Davion the Dragon Knight will be the star. Voiced by Yuri Lowenthal, fans and the community will begin to learn more about the origins of the Dragon Knight through the Netflix series.

Considering that the MOBA has so many heroes to choose from, would it be a stretch to expect an anime series for each of them? It would, but we can dream, and for the hardcore community that loves Dota 2, that would just be heaven-sent.

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