Dragon’s Dogma 2 official, in development with the RE Engine

Dragon’s Dogma 2 official, in development with the RE Engine

Capcom’s fantasy tale continues, as the 10th anniversary of Dragon’s Dogma has delivered the announcement of a long-awaited sequel.

Now with more Dogma

It might not be the first name that you think of when you hear ‘Capcom’, but Dragon’s Dogma has nonetheless garnered a fair amount of fans. A cult classic? You might call it that.

If your memory about the game is a little foggy, or you never played it, DD is 100% pure high-fantasy. Created by the mind behind Devil May Cry, Hideaki Itsuno, Dragon’s Dogma was an open world title, giving players fairly free reign over their adventure.

Capcom still touts the game’s grapple mechanics, whereby players could go one-on-one with massive bosses, as well as its Pawn System. Using Pawn, players could almost get an interconnected experience out of DD, even though it was a single player title. Basically, you could join forces with AI companions, which had been trained and uploaded by other players. So kind of multiplayer without the multiplayer.

Itsuno looked back on the game’s creation during Capcom’s recent press event, and then took a glance forward. He unveiled Dragon’s Dogma 2 was indeed coming up, and that the team included series veterans Daigo Ikeno and Kenichi Suzuki.

While we do know that the RE Engine will be used, no other details have been shared on the game just yet. But that might be changing soon, as Capcom says to look for more info “in the future”. So if you’re a fan, stay tuned.

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