Drive in, bleed out with Dark Horse Comics’ Grindhouse

Author Alex De Campi brings a tale of bloody murder to Dark Horse Comics- and just in time for the Holidays!

Grindhouse is back from the dead, and it’s meaner, badder, and dirtier than ever! In the first of four new exploitation opuses, Scalped’s R. M. Guéra joins series writer Alex de Campi for “Slay Ride,” a brutal holiday tale of revenge and supernatural terror in the driven snow!

If you know De Campi’s work, then you know what to expect here; blood, gore, and plenty of twisted story-telling. Grindhouse: Drive in, Bleed out is kind of a trip back in time to the era of the exploitation film in the 1970’s, and that’s a storytelling form that De Campi excels at, which you’d know if you read Lady Zorro or Smoke/Ashes.

R. M. Guéra handles the art chores on the upcoming book, and his style seems to fit the narrative beautifully with a gritty tone and a great feel. Few publishers tell stories like this one these days too- gritty stuff that doesn’t fall into one of the bigger categories of comic that permeate the modern market.

So if you’re a ‘mature reader’, make sure you give a look to Grindhouse: Drive in, Bleed out when it hits the stands on November 12th. And check out the preview strip to the left (the thumbnail) for a sneak peek.


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