DST releases packaged Star Trek Minimate shots

Diamond Select’s Star Trek Minimates are still a few weeks off from stores, but the company has released a few shots of them in their native habitat for your perusal… meaning they’re carded images.

The following sets will appear at comic and specialty stores:

– Admiral Kirk & Khan (Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan)
– Captain Picard & Borg Queen (Star Trek: First Contact)
– Captain Sisko & Jem Hadar (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)
– Captain Archer & Xindi (Star Trek: Enterprise)

Then, at Toys “R” Us and toysrus.com:
– Captain Kirk & Kahn (gold shirt) (Star Trek: The Original Series)
– Captain Picard (captain’s jacket) & Hugh (Star Trek: The Next Generation)
– Captain Sisko (vest) & Gul Dukat (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)
– Captain Janeway & Seven of Nine (Star Trek: Voyager)

These are some pretty great pairings and honestly- it’s been so long since there’s been good Trek merchandise on the market that I have a feeling fans will be very excited to see these on shelves.

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With Star Trek’s resurgence in recent years, hopefully the property will start getting a little more love from retailers again. Either way though, DST’s series of Minimates is a great start. Look for them on store shelves next month.


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