DST reveals final Minimate armory for Iron Man 3

The last additions for the first set of Iron Man 3 Minimates have been unveiled by Diamond Select Toys today. From the looks of the set, I’m pretty sure fans are going to be all smiles.

The three new Minimates include:

  • Iron Man Mark 17 – Artillery Level RT Suit (“Heartbreaker” Armor)
  • Iron Man Mark 33 – Enhanced Energy Suit (“Silver Centurion” Armor)
  • Iron Man Mark 41 – Skeleton Suit (“Bones” Armor)

All three of the new suits in what is ‘officially’ Marvel Minimates Series 49 will be Toys R Us exclusives and come packed in the usual two-pack formula. Silver Centurion will be packed in with the ‘Bones’ armor and the Heartbreaker will come with the partially suited-up Tony. DST notes that all of the suits will come complete with Tony Stark’s face under their helmets and and extra ‘hair’ piece- so if you want to display ’em without the helms, you can.

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While these are TRU exclusives, you’ll still be able to find a good amount of Iron Man 3 Minimates at your local comic shop. The Mark 42 armor & Mandarin as well as the Iron Patriot & Extremis Soldier packs can be picked up at comic shops or Toys R Us’ and both the War Machine with Maya Hansen and Aldrich Killian & Cowboy Disguise Tony Stark packs will be exclusive to comic and specialty shops.

With the final three reveals, that brings the total number of armors in the Iron Man 3 series of Minimates to six- counting Iron Patriot and War Machine. You could probably make that seven if you wanted to count the partially armored Tony too. There are a lot of armors used in the upcoming film (which is only about a month away by the way) and it’s pretty impressive that DST found a way to get a good amount of them into the licensed Minimates line.

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Get your when they hit shops later this month.

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