DXRacer announces a pair of comfy new gaming chairs, and one of them even lights up

DXRacer announces a pair of comfy new gaming chairs, and one of them even lights up

If you’re a ‘gaming chair’ fan, then you’re definitely going to want to take a look at DXRacer’s 2 newest. Both look to fit the bill for those long sessions.

Soft and illuminated

Gaming chairs might still be a little bit of a niche market, but oh my if you’ve never tried one, you need to. I wasn’t bought in at all when I gave one a shot, and I have to admit I’m very much sold on them now. The level of comfort that a good, well made chair can give you really can’t be beat by a half caved-in lounger.

And if you are a fan, then you might want to see what DXGaming has cooked up for its latest slate of offerings. The company has two new chairs coming, and both sound awesome, with a whole mess of bells and whistles.

The latest “Air Pro” unit brings the line back with revamped “lumbar and headrest support”, plus memory foam and an optional slip-on cover for the cooler months. To top it all off, there’s also a remote controlled RGB lighting rig. How cool is that?

The Air Pro Series offers ultra-breathable, form-fitting, luxury comfort across six different color schemes such as Black/White, Red, and standard Black. Stay cool atop an ergonomic throne constructed with high-strength components complemented by highly-adjustable ergonomics, including a magnetic lumbar support filled with plush memory foam padding.

Unlock the Air Pro Series’ full potential with a plethora of optional accessories and take it beyond the average netted chair. Set the mood for any gaming setup with a remote-controlled RGB exoskeleton. Cozy up in the winter months with a slip-on leather chair cover available in Black, Red, and White. Kick those tired feet up and chill on a telescopic footrest.

DXGaming press release

The Master arrives

Yes, the Air Pro sounds all kinds of cool, but then there’s the 2023 Master Series. The idea here is to give players maximum utility and comfort. And when I say “comfort”, I mean it.

While you won’t find any lighting here, the thing can turn into a recliner for a little sleepy-time.

The updated 2023 Master Series introduces the comfort of a soft sofa into any room or office. Exude elegance with one of five different professional color options including Black, Green, and White. Tilt and rocking synchronic-tilt modes offer multiple settings to turn the chair into anyone’s favorite, flexible recliner. Confidently sink into its tailored ergonomic fit for any occasion thanks to a built-in, adjustable lumbar support: no obtuse, strapped pillow required.

A large, rail-mounted memory foam headrest provides cervical spine support and personal height adjustment for all body types. Extra accessory options add unprecedented comfort as well. Customize the perfect seat with interchangeable cushions created with microfiber, perforated, breathable polyurethane leather. Avoid drink spills and broken tech with a cup holder and laptop dock.

DXGaming press release

Both the DXRacer Air Pro Series and the 2023 Master Series will hit the market on the same day, October 17, 2022. They’ll run you $499 and 539 USD respectively.

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