Dying Light’s expansion pack is twice the size of the original game

Dying Light: The Following is going to be a good deal bigger than the original game.

Oft delayed and without a solid release date of any kind, The Following is looking amazing good nonetheless. The game is massive too, coming in at two times the size of the original game’s map. And that’s a good thing, since this time around you’ll have that little buggy to drive around in.

In this new trailer below, you can get a sense of the scale happening here, and glimpse some of the new locations that you’ll be mowing down the undead in.

‘We made sure the new region is full of diverse environments that allow for both driving and free-running. We’ve added lots of little details that tell various apocalyptic stories if you look closely, and placed rewarding secrets for the most inquisitive’ – reveals producer Tymon Smektała. – ‘We’re also proud to confirm that despite the much bigger map and many visual enhancements, the system requirements for PC players remain exactly the same.’

Excited to play yet? Well, we finally have a release date for this behemoth of a free-running zombie game, and you can expect to be slicing into some zeds once again in the world of Dying Light as of February 9th.

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