E3 2014: Grand Theft Auto V confirmed for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC

Rockstar’s epic makes the jump to next-gen this Fall.

Grand Theft Auto V looks and feels stunning enhanced by the power of these new platforms,” said Sam Houser, Founder of Rockstar Games.  “We can’t wait for players to experience a new level of detail to this massive world.”

One of the best looking games of last-gen is now one of the best looking games of the current generation as GTAV makes the leap from old consoles to the new. Introduced at Sony’s press conference last night, there was more than a little thought that GTAV was to be a PS4 exclusive. While the game did debut at the PS4 presser and the footage that you see above was taken from that new version of the game, it is indeed going multi-plat, including the PC.

For PC gamers, this marks the first time that they’ll able to get throe hands on the title that took that gaming world by storm last year, sold boat-loads of copies on both eh PS3 and Xbox 360, and came dangerously close to nabbing our own Game of the Year honors.

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More than just a superfluous visual upgrade, Rockstar is promising “increased draw distances, finer texture details, denser traffic, and enhanced resolutions” for the new version of the game, all of which should be crystal clear by how stunningly gorgeous that trailer looked. If you thought GTAV looked next-gen already, watch the original trailer and then compare it with this. Yow.

Since it’s a part of the game experience, GTA Online will also be getting the boost to the new consoles. You’ll be able to play the same multiplayer ‘Auto that you know now, but with all the enhancements that will be included with the new revision of the base title. You’ll even be able to transfer your character from GTA Online that you’re playing now over to the new consoles/PC, without issue and cross-platform. That meaning that if you’re currently playing GTA Online on the PS3 and you pick up the PC edition, your character will cross over. Pretty neat.

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If you’re a Grand Theft Auto fan and you upgraded your console or have a high-end PC, this one’s kind of a no-brainer; grab Grand Theft Auto V on the Xbox One, PS4, or PC this Fall.

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