E3 2014: More Pre E3 Trailers Getting Leaked

E3 2014: More Pre E3 Trailers Getting Leaked

So far this year we have seen so many games leaking and releasing E3 trailers before E3. And with such a short time till the expo begins, Konami are now joining the ranks with an ‘accidental’  leak of the new Metal Gear Solid V Phantom Pain trailer. But of course it was taken down shortly after being uploaded, not quick enough though, as fans have already re-uploaded it in full to YouTube.


Other games that are said to be huge ’14-’15 have also released pre E3 trailers, such as Destiny, Shadow Of Mordor and Tom Clancy: The Division. Is this a new thing to expect every year. Developers and publishers accidentally on purpose letting slip the next big game, or is this a genuine cock up on their end. Either way I’d say we are all pretty happy bunnies with the juicy stuff we’re seeing, even if it is only tiding us over till the big guns are revealed at expo. Guess we need to just wait for a release dates now……

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