E3 2014: Star Fox for Wii U confirmed

You heard it here, Star Fox has been confirmed for the Wii U. Shigeru Miyamoto was briefly shown playing it at the end of the E3 Direct, but no one could really tell for sure what the game was.

It seemed pretty obvious, but I didn’t really want to jump the gun on the off chance it was something else. That being said, it was heavily hinted, you could see the dogfight, and even the shape of the Arwing. In any case Miyamoto has confirmed it himself, this is the new Star Fox, and it’s coming to Wii U. What it appears like, is a remake of Star Fox 64, but it could just be Falco using one of his favorite old quotes. Miyamoto said that they’re not ready to show it just yet, but the game should be ready for release within a year from now.

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