E3 2014: The Evil Within Demo

Today at E3, we got a great first look at The Evil Within, in demo form.

The game-play looks to be atmospheric to say the least, with creepy yet stunning architecture and haunting SFX. Protagonist and police officer Sebastian is searching throughout the game for the murderous presence he witnessed killing his fellow officers. In a world that we aren’t quite sure is reality or not, this game is looking to be well and truly living up to it’s name.

With upgrade system based on lumps of green goo (gross), you can choose the skill sets and upgrade accordingly to how you wish to play the game. Using stealth and all out attacking, there are numerous ways to defeat enemies, such as fire, use of weapons and if all else fails, run and hide.

Collecting parts along your journey will also help, as it will allow you to craft weapons to use along side standard issued ones. battle system seems pretty basic, simple cross-hairs will help with aim, but your aim all depends on the upgrades you make, as mentioned previously.

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Release date October 21st 2014.

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