E3 2015: Transformers: Devastation leaked, brings back the G1 era

If the rumors and leaked info that Game Informer and PureXbox have turned up are true, then Transformers fans are in for a treat with Devastation.

It doesn’t look like this, this shot is from Fall of Cybertron

So, picture this, developer Platinum Games (of Bayonetta fame) might be behind a Transformers game. And it’s not a sequel to the ‘Transformers: Cybertron’ series. No, this one’s based squarely in the classic G1 continuity and stars Megatron, Devastator (presumably in some key role since he’s in the title), and a quintet of playable Autobots with Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Sideswipe, Wheeljack, and Grimlock.

Cool? Now add in that a bunch of the original cartoon’s cast will be returning for the game, with Frank Welker playing Megatron and Soundwave, and (of course) Peter Cullen playing Prime once again. Yeah, that’s next level awesome, particularly if your fandom goes back to the 80s. There isn’t much about the story posted yet unfortunately, but apparently it involves the Decepticons trying to ‘cyberform’ Earth. I think you can figure out what that most likely entails.

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Now, I should mention that none of this is ‘official’ at this point. So where’d it all come from? Well, we picked it up off of a Game Informer piece, but the originators of the ‘leak’ are over at PureXbox. They first discovered that Activision had the new game on the docket, and they actually have some rad-looking cel-shaded screenshots up as well (go look at them- they’re AWESOME).

PureXbox claims that their source says the game is set to be unveiled at E3 this week by the publisher, so stay tuned, you might be seeing a lot more on Transformers: Devastation sooner than later.

Source: Game Informer

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