E3 2019: Halo Infinite coming Holiday 2020 with Xbox ‘Scarlett’

While this new trailer is a cinematic, it’s also an interesting one for fans, as it sets the stage for the still relatively unknown Halo Infinite.

Infinite war

What’s exactly happening in this first trailer for Halo Infinite? We don’t really know, but it hints that Infinite could be something very different in terms of story.

And, of course, the Chief is still a badass.

Infinite is going to be a big one in terms of Halo’s history. There are a ton of cool moments in that short trailer, all of which could lead to this newest title in the line being a doorway to a whole new Halo universe.

That’s something that’s pretty much got to happen, since this one should be the transition to a new story arc. Well, that and a new console generation. That’s right, Halo Infinite will be a Scarlett launch title.

Though the 360 and One didn’t count Halo in their launch arsenals, the new Scarlett (or whatever it’ll be called) most definitely will. That’s a big deal in a few ways.

Not the least of those is that Halo is still a monster franchise, with legions of fans. Though it might have faltered a bit in the post-Covenant War titles of four and five, starting off a new console with a sixth Halo is an excellent move on Microsoft’s behalf.

The series is an Xbox staple, and hasn’t been seen since 2015. With there in mind, there should be more than a few fans who are dying to see the Chief back in action.

Art the end of the day though this trailer only delivered a cinematic. What the final game will look like is anyone’s guess. If it’s as impressive as the original was, way back in 01, then Scarlett could have a launch for the ages.

Halo Infinite hits for the Scarlett in Holiday of 2020.

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