E3 2021 dates officially set up

This year is fast becoming a wash in terms of shows and cons, including E3. That doesn’t mean that the convention will be canned forever though.

E3 dead? Not quite

How many years have we been hearing that E3, as a massive and over the top show, has its days numbered? It’s been easily 10 years, and probably more honestly.

This year, in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, the Electronic Software Association was fast to cancel the show for the first time in forever. Some people picked up on that, guessing that the cancellation might mean that E3 (in any form) could be finished for good. But not so fast.

The ESA was quick to also announce that E3 would indeed return, though in some new form. While we still don’t know what that means, we do know that next June will (hopefully) see that new E3 opening its doors.

June 15th through 17th have been set and will be the dates for this “reimagined” show. Presumably it’ll still house a whole bunch of announcements (as usual), though some of the language that the ESA has used certainly would lead to thought that it’ll be somewhat more fan-friendly as well. Either way, it’ll be a big show since 2021 will also be the first full year of both the PS5 and the next-generation Xbox.

We’ll no doubt be learning much more in the months to come though, so stay tuned.

Source: MCV

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