E3: Final Fantasy Versus XIII becomes XV and Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer

Having originally been announced all the way back in 2006, director Tetsuya Nomura has finally confirmed that Final Fantasy Versus XIII whoops!!! I mean XV (Yes, that’s right, it is now Final Fantasy XV) will actually get a release.

For those of us die hard fans of Square Enix’s most popular series, we’ve been made to wait ages on any kind of news for Final Fantasy Versus XIII, despite seeing various different trailers, however, Tetsuya Nomura had unveiled a new trailer for the now rebranded Final Fantasy XV along with confirmation that it would be getting released for the Playstation 4. It came as a relief for those of us who have been waiting years on end for any kind of news regarding the future of the title.

Us Brits have a saying when it comes to good news “it’s just like waiting for a bus, you wait ages for one to come, then suddenly you see more coming at the same time.” As well as announcing Final Fantasy XV, there was a brief trailer shown for Kingdoms Hearts 3 featuring some portions of gameplay. I’ve played and enjoyed the first two games in the series (Still trying to convince myself the handheld games didn’t happen) and can’t wait for the third in the series.

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