E3: Forza 5 official trailer

Take a trip through the graphical glory of the latest incarnation of one of the greatest racing series’ of all time.


Turn 10 Studios’ latest take on the Forza racing franchise is packing more than just good looks. The game fully embraces the Xbox One cloud system and downloads fresh opponents from the online portion of the game for you to race against offline. It’s a really interesting feature that I don’t think has ever really been done before in any genre.

This is a racer who’s AI drivers actually learn from real human racers and then use that info to be ‘more realistic’. And basically, that means that they’re not perfect- they make mistakes, play dirty, cover the track more, etc…

If this actually works, I could definitely see developers in other genres using it- I can’t help but think it’d be perfect for a fighting game too.

Forza Motorsport 5 is set to launch along with the Xbox One console, this November.

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