E3: Killer Instinct returns

June 10, 2013
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With a roar from the crowd, the Rare faithful saw a classic fighter return to form.

Ultra Combo indeed.

So there isn’t all that much info on KI right now other than it’s being developed by Double Helix and will be an Xbox One exclusive, though you probably figured that last part out for yourself. It also looks like a good deal of the characters from the original games are included on the roster and that insane combo system is wholly intact.

Watching that trailer (which is way darker than it was at the press briefing this afternoon by the way) I’m also reminded at how often I got my teeth knocked out in Killer Instinct back in the day. Oof, I sucked at this game.

Look for more info on KI as we head into the Fall season and get closer to the Xbox One’s launch date this coming November. As for now, just gaze upon these screens and feel the pain.

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