E3: New GTAV screens bust out of Sony presser

Rockstar Games released a nine-pack of new screens from the hotly anticipated game, straight from the Sony press conference.

The ten screens from the game show off several of the more ‘adventurous’ scenes from Grand Theft Auto 5 including action on boats, planes, and on the blacktop. Oh, and explosions. Can’t forget those.

The shots were released (and were a part of the PlayStation event) as part of the announcement for the Grand Theft Auto 5 PS3 bundle that’ll be showing up for the game’s launch.

The bundle pack will include a copy of GTAV, a PS3 super slim console and a special ‘GTA branded’ headset, which is definitely going to be the draw for fans. You can expect to see the Grand Theft Auto 5 PS3 bundle pack arriving at retail at the same time as the game – on September 17th.

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