E3: Playstation 4 to support used games

June 10, 2013
E3, Expo, News, PS4


Sony have officially announced at their E3 press conference that the Sony Playstation 4 will support used games.

After many months of speculation as to whether or not the Playstation 4 would be able play used games, it was finally confirmed to an excited audience who erupted upon hearing the news. There were many concerns from many originally, in regards to being able to play pre-owned games on Sony’s new console, but now those fears have been put to rest along with the announcement that there would be no restrictions on used games, this includes selling, trading or even lending your copy to another friend.

Even more good news, there is no need to be connected online in order to enjoy single player modes or even a need for online authentication to play. For those of you currently with Playstation Plus, your membership will move onto the Playstation 4 upon purchase.


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