E3: Star Wars Battlefront revival confirmed by EA

EA’s gone and made it official, Star Wars Battlefront is back.

Battlefront has had quite the wild ride since the last game in the series was released by Pandemic and Lucasarts back in 2004. Fans have been begging for a revival and now, with Lucasarts dissolved and Disney in charge of the IP’s, Electronic Arts and multiplayer developer du jour DICE have got the Rebel Alliance and the evil Empire back in action.

Even though the video released (and shown at the EA press event today) is only a tease, it’s a tease with teeth as it shows off some classic trilogy action on the frozen tundra of Hoth. The trailer is stunningly short, but for fans of Lucas’ universe, it’s more than likely enough to get excited.

We’ll have more on Star Wars Battlefront (or whatever it’ll be called eventually) as it develops, but the smart money says to expect it sometime next year for the PC, Xbox One and PS4.

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