EA adds achievements to its growing games catalog on Steam

EA adds achievements to its growing games catalog on Steam

Publisher Electronic Arts revealed that it has added over 1000 achievements to its newly-released Steam catalog. These span across 25 games, including every Battlefield game since 2011’s Battlefield 3, the two modern Battlefront titles and more. This news comes off the back of EA releasing most of its older titles on Steam, following years of Origin exclusivity. The good news is that if you played and earned achievements on EA’s Origin platform, they retroactively unlock on Steam, too.

EA added the feature ”based on popular demand.” Said demand was quickly made clear after the EA library launched on Steam earlier this summer without achievements. The feature not only retroactively unlocks completed Origin objectives, but achievements should also unlock if you’ve completed the tasks since the game released on Steam. The list of EA games that now support Steam achievements includes the Battlefield and Battlefront titles previously mentioned alongside Dead Space 3, Mass Effect 3, Titanfall 2 and more. The full list is available on Steam.

EA achievements Battlefield V

Suit-up and boot-up

To unlock achievements in any of these EA games, you must install and load the games up. If you have a title in your library uninstalled, its associated EA achievements won’t unlock until boot-up. Adding Steam achievements into older EA games is a neat touch, providing a reason to revisit some of the classics. It’s a shame some of the older EA games are still missing on Steam, but it’s a solid list nonetheless.

Electronic Arts also recently released EA Play on Steam. EA Play is a newly-branded version of EA/Origin Access that is a subscription service for EA titles. Only the basic version is available on Steam, as Origin retained exclusivity to EA Play Pro. This is the same setup as the console versions of the service on PS4 and Xbox One. Even with this limitation, it’s still nice to be able to pick up a decent subscription service via Steam.

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