EA releases a pair of new Battlefield 4 screens

July 5, 2013
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Check out the detail and all around graphical goodness of these two new screens from EA and DICE’s upcoming shooter sequel, Battlefield 4.

Not a whole lot to say about Battlefield 4 that we haven’t said already, but man it is one pretty game. Even though we’ve seen both the campaign map Angry Sea and the multiplayer map called Siege of Shanghai before, these two screens released this week really show off some of the impact moments that you’ll find in each level.

Angry Sea is a tight and claustrophobic romp through a sinking ship where you’ll need to check every corner to survive and Siege of Shanghai is a monster of a multiplayer map where buildings will tumble and you may actually find yourself fighting form some dizzying heights.

Battlefield 4 brings the war to current generation consoles on 10/29/13 and will appear on both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 some time in November (maybe).

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