EA reveals more about Battlelog for Battlefield 4

One of the most talked about first-person shooters of the Holiday season is going to be a very intertwined experience thanks to the all-new Battlelog. EA is looking to the service to be a much bigger part of the game than it was in Battlefield 3 and more involved than ever before.

Periphery items like the Battlelog can be something of a hit or miss proposal most of the time. I personally find that I rarely use them. However, if there’s any group of players that both could and would use a system like Battlelog, it’s hardcore FPS fans. First-person shooter devotees the likes of which flock to games like Battlefield 4 (with a heavy emphasis on competitive multiplayer) should eat this right up.

Battlelog basically has been “fundamentally” changed from the Battlefield 3 version to keep players “constantly connected” to their favorite game while away from the monitor or screen. Basically, if you’re on the go, you’re still going to have access to tons of B4 goodness right from your mobile device.

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Says Jesper Nielsen, Assistant Producer for Battlelog:

We loved introducing Battlelog in Battlefield 3, but that was just the beginning. Since then, we’ve had some great ideas for how we could innovate and make it even better with Battlefield 4. The goal with Battlelog for BF4 is to create an enhanced experience for the player that allows them to be constantly connected to the game, whether it’s in front of their console or PC or on the go using their mobile device. We had to fundamentally change some features – like fully integrating Battlelog into the game on next-gen consoles similar to the PC version of BF3. By doing this, it has enabled us to give Battlelog a style and look that is much more in-tune with the game, introduce connected features to make it an even more powerful companion and provide new ways for you to customize your experience.

Battlelog will drop right alongside the current-gen version of Battlefield 4 on October 29th for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. If you’re going for the next generation edition, that’ll be available on the PS4 starting November 12th in North America (the 29th in Europe) and on the Xbox One on November 19th in North America (November 22nd in Europe).

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To get the whole skinny on Battlelog, click here to go to the official page for the feature.

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