EA targeting Holiday 2015 release date for Star Wars Battlefront

The publisher is looking to release the long-awaited next game in the series at the same time as the next movie, Star Wars episode VII.

Although EA is looking to time the release of the game to the movie’s launch window though, don’t think that this is to be a ‘movie game’. Star Wars Battlefront (or whatever the final name will be) will be a game that’s “rooted in the traditional universe” and won’t be directly linked to the new crop of films from Disney.

EA Studios executive vice president Patrick Söderlund basically explained that, although there’s definitely stuff in the game that are “somewhat tied” to the new film, there’s nothing that is directly a part of it in exclusivity. As to the release date, he says that it’s more a target of opportunity than anything else, which makes complete sense.

So with that in mind, Battlefront fans will have a bit of waiting yet to do with the film launching in December of next year.

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Source: MCV

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