EE announces new Star Wars Black Series exclusive

Go back to the Clone Wars for this new Star Wars Black Series release from Hasbro, exclusively at Entertainment Earth.

The grand army of the Republic

While the rest of the Star Wars world is celebrating the release of the new Rogue One toys, Entertainment Earth is looking back. All the way back to the time of the Republic and the fateful days of Order 66. The internet toy and collectible superstore has a special exclusive, one that army builders are going to love.

Just announced, this new four pack is pretty slick. The pack contains a set of specially painted Clone Troopers, each one done up to reflect a different color-scheme. That should hit the spot nicely for those who are into the different divisions of the Republic’s army.

Aside from the paint jobs, these figures also have battle damage detailing. EE says it’s “the best faux battle damage deco you’ve ever seen on a Hasbro action figure”. Hard to argue that, as they’re pretty nice looking figures.

They should be, as they’re part of the Black Series. Standing in at 6″ each, these figures have excellent articulation and a great range of posing possibilities. I think the Shock Trooper might have been made before in the line, but I can’t remember ay of the other three. So if you’re a Star Wars completionist, then you’re going to want to take a hard look at this set.

The Star Wars Black Series 6″ Clone Troopers set is available now for pre-order, exclusively at EE. It’ll arrive this coming November, and cost you $99 USD. Click the link to reserve yours.

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