EGX Hands-On: Bootleg TurboDrive | Brutal Gamer

EGX Hands-On: Bootleg TurboDrive | Brutal Gamer

You don’t want to mess with this delivery driver.

The Rezzed and Indie Game sections of EGX are absolutely huge this year, and there are dozens of games available to play.  The first game in the Rezzed section we got to play this year was Bootleg TurboDrive, from Rich Make Game, the developer of Pineapple Smash Crew.

We actually played this game back at EGX 2013 when it was called ‘CarTank’, and the game was put on the back burner for a bit, but now work has continued, and there have been a couple of changes since then.

Bootleg TurboDrive sees you controlling the car of a delivery driver, who is trying to transport ‘contraband’ materials like oxygen and water to colonists, while trying to get past various enemies like natives, bandits and corrupt authorities.  You start by picking up a delivery job, at which point you’re taken to a map where you have to plot the route you’re going to take.  There are different choices and some are more difficult than others.  You then start making your way to your destination, shooting out waves of enemies along the way.

When you get to your destination, you get to pick up some new jobs and you also get to repair your vehicle and change the type of ammo you have on board.  There were four ammo types available, each one doing more damage to specific enemy types.  As well as bullets, you’ll also find bombs around the levels which you can grapple and throw at your enemies, and can potentially wipe out an entire wave.

The controls are tight and responsive, and the somewhat floaty car physics allow you to jump and sometimes roll your vehicle.  The different ammo types and routes you can take add a layer of strategy to the game, but you’ll only get a basic idea of what you can expect.  You won’t know exactly what the enemies will be until you get there.

Bootleg TurboDrive is shaping up to be a fun, action packed vehicle shooter with a unique look.  We’re certainly looking forward to see what the full finished game will be like.

Bootleg TurboDrive is currently in development.  Release date TBA.

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