Elden Ring patch removes the Endure buff after proving too powerful

Elden Ring patch removes the Endure buff after proving too powerful

Creating balance in a FromSoftware title is seemingly difficult to maintain. And Elden Ring has proven to be no different, as it just got a patch that undid a hefty addition to the meta. Of course, it’s important to keep the difficulty of the game at a certain level. If an ability threatens to shift the balance too far in one direction, it makes sense to remove or downscale it in some way. This is exactly what has happened to the Endure skill in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring‘s 1.07.1 patch is a small hotfix that sets out to address two issues. The main change is rather funny, though. Patch 1.07 introduced a buff to the Ash of War skill Endure, which seriously shook up the meta in Elden Ring. Essentially, the duration of Endure was extended, allowing players to absorb incoming damage for a longer period of time. Alongside this, the skill then prevented stagger from bleed or frostbite status effects. All in all, the change was very positive for the ability, but it was just a bit too good.


Endure is slightly less useful now

So FromSoftware has decided to release a small hotfix that addresses this. The ability’s duration has now been shortened, so players won’t be able to use it for as long. That’s where the nerf ends, though. You still get all the other added buffs to the ability. Ultimately it doesn’t seem like a complete disaster for the skill, as it’s likely still very useful. The other change in patch 1.07.1 is just a clean-up from the prior update. Before, a Frenzy bug would stop FP consumption from being correctly reduced, which has been fixed.

Elden Ring Endure Ash Of War

FromSoftware also says that some of the patch notes for 1.07 were “incorrectly mentioned.” Flame of the Fell God and Gurranq’s Beast Claw can’t be charged, so those notes have now been changed to reflect this. But that’s about it for the latest Elden Ring patch. It’s not quite as exciting as the 1.07 update’s ray tracing tease, but it still has useful info for those wanting to keep up with the meta. The Endure Ash of War in Elden Ring was certainly powerful, but there are plenty of other useful abilities elsewhere.

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