Elden Ring’s seamless co-op mod will have a public beta this week

Elden Ring's seamless co-op mod will have a public beta this week

A mod is in the works for Elden Ring that improves upon many of its co-op aspects. It’s been in development for quite some time, but a public beta is releasing this week on May 27. We’ve seen glimpses of the mod via creator LukeYui’s YouTube channel, and their most recent video shows off tons of cool features.

Elden Ring‘s co-op is fairly limited in the things it lets you do. If you want to summon in help for a tricky boss, that’s more than doable. But if you had hoped to play the majority of the game with a friend, that’s not really how it works. Elden Ring boots players out after a boss is defeated, and only parts of the open world are available to explore. The seamless co-op mod from LukeYui seeks to solve these issues.


Get some friends for Elden Ring’s co-op mod

A lot of the big features in the mod are shown in LukeYui’s most recent video. One of the biggest right off the bat is the fact that both players can now ride Torrent. Without the mod neither player has access to Torrent, which makes exploring annoying. In addition to this, rewards are also shared between players, so every player gets the shiny loot for defeating a boss. And if one of your friends is annoying you, just flip on the PvP setting and teach them some manners.

Elden Ring co-op mod

LukeYui also posted a small FAQ section in the comments that goes over some worthwhile points. One of the most important answers states that Elden Ring‘s co-op mod won’t get you banned from the base game. It uses an entirely separate launcher and doesn’t use FromSoftware’s online services. Another cool part of the mod is that players’ progress will be shared. However, this only applies to the actions you do in that player’s world. For example, if you’re summoned in to defeat a boss and only to do that, that boss will be the only thing gone from your world.

There’s a lot more to Elden Ring‘s co-op mod than that, but the best way to check them out is to try it yourself. The public beta goes live on May 27 on Nexus Mods.

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