Ellen Page headlines new esports comedy 1Up with Paris Berelc

Ellen Page headlines new esports comedy 1Up with Paris Berelc

Video game adaptations for the big screen have been a matter of debate as to whether they should exist in the first place. For a medium that demands interactivity, it can be jarring to be a passive observer to the things happening on screen. However, what about a movie pertaining to other areas of the industry instead? According to a report by The Hollywood Reporter, a new comedy movie called 1Up is in the works, and it will revolve around esports.

1Up will be headlined by Ellen Page and Paris Berelc. It will be directed by Kyle Newman. The movie will focus on Berelc’s character, a young esports player who quits her mixed team in order to start an all-women’s team. The esports comedy 1Up has been described as a film similar to Pitch Perfect, but in the world of competitive gaming. More worrying though, it is supposed to take place against a Gamergate backdrop.

What it all means remains to be seen. With Ellen Page on board, at least we know it will feature some great acting. Her experience from Beyond: Two Souls may help or make things worse, depending on your perspective. Bringing the intricacies and nuances of esports onto the big screen will require some deft handling. Perhaps she will be able to put her knowledge to good use.

Ellen Page Headlines New Esports Comedy 1up With Paris Berelc (1)

Unknown territory

Berelc plays Vivian Lee, the player who quits her college esports team due to sexism. With the threat of losing her scholarship looming, she needs to assemble a competitive all-female team that can compete with the best. Page plays the coach, who herself has been embroiled in a GamerGate scandal of her own. Consider us cautiously intrigued by this premise.

The esports comedy 1Up will go into production this month in Toronto. It will be interesting to see just which games will be featured in the movie. Or better yet, what imaginary esports titles Hollywood can come up with.

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