Embrace the undead and make a life in new survival game Zelter

Embrace the undead and make a life in new survival game Zelter

Life simulators have always garnered a big audience. The likes of The Sims and Stardew Valley have seen fans throw themselves off the deep end in terms of investing hours into get the perfect life they envisioned. There is a certain lure to cleaning stuff up, putting things in order, building relationships, and carving out a life for your character. Throw in the undead menace, and you will have the stylized vision that is Zelter.

The premise sounds familiar and attractive enough. Having survived the zombie apocalypse, you now need to make a life for yourself in a harsh, new world. Resource management is key, as you begin crafting tools and building up your home. Zelter is said to have a complex crafting system that will have everything you need. Food, safety, as well as defensive and offensive means are at your disposal. As you continue on this new path, you will also meet up with other survivalists. Make friends, establish connections, and you will soon have a team.

Life from death

This community you found in Zelter will be your helpers. Send them to craft items, guard areas, or serve as companions on your adventures. It sounds like a fun time, especially when you can pit yourself against the zombie hordes. The more dangerous it is, the better materials and loot you will find. Just be sure you can make it out alive to reach your home. The pixel graphics are easy on the eye too, so if you are looking to make your apocalypse a little cuter, Zelter will be right up your alley.

Zelter is currently in Steam Early Access following its successful Kickstarter campaign. It is expected to stay in Early Access for about a year, with developers G1 Playground making improvements along the way.

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