Epic Games releases a stonks skin in Fortnite, no fooling

Epic Games releases a stonks skin in Fortnite, no fooling

Fortnite announced today that a limited edition stonks guy skin has launched in the shop. No, really — it’s not an April Fool’s joke. The Diamond Hanz skin, based on the popular stonks meme, is only available in Fortnite for a mere 12 hours, so channel your inner Wall Street trader while you still can. For those who are unfamiliar, the stonks meme has been around for quite some time, but it took off amid the GameStop stocks drama last year. A jokester’s holiday seems like no better time to poke fun at the scandal and the memes that it produced.

The official Fortnite Twitter account shared a first-look video of the skin. The unusual yet hilarious clip shows the famous, bald-headed stonks guy from the popular meme shaking his hips and tapping on a llama-shaped cowbell. His outfit includes a black distressed business suit, a blue tie, and of course, diamond hands. “The [bell] has been rung and Diamond Hanz is ready to answer the call,” the tweet read.


The Diamond Hanz stonks skin comes as part of Fortnite‘s “To the Moon!” set and also includes the stonks guy’s orange arrow back bling. Fortnite‘s tweet came in around 9 AM EST, which means that the 12-hour set will likely last until around 9 PM EST today. The clock is ticking, so go make those profits.

This limited-time release was no doubt meant to celebrate April Fool’s Day, but it’s nice that Epic Games actually followed through with an April Fool’s Day product instead of breaking fans’ hearts with fake news. This can be such a cruel holiday.

Stonks in the spring time

All jokes aside, the start of April means quite a lot to Fortnite this year. The battle royale has just kicked off its Spring Breakout event, introducing some Easter-themed costumes, weapons, and a new duck character named Webster. In addition, the brand new Spring Breakout Cup begins tomorrow, where Duos compete in up to 10 matches to win special prizes. Whether you’re in it for the stonks or the spring celebration, Fortnite is bound to be a good time this week.

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