Epic Mickey 2 paints itself onto the Vita

Disney UK has revealed that the tooned up sequel will be arriving on the PS Vita with some new controls, but is it only destined for the UK?

Just where the game will see release is a little hazy at the moment as Disney UK isn’t being all that transparent on the subject. Basically, the company just tweeted a box shot of the game and said it’ll be available some time this year. That’s not a ton of information, so we’re quite fortunate that the PS Blog was a little more forthcoming with the good stuff.

According to them, the title will sport 2 player co-op through WiFi, motion controls, and use of the Vita’s touch screen for the in-game painting play mechanic. Sounds pretty neat, but there’s still a problem- Epic Mickey 2 was a pretty big flop as far as commercial numbers go and the critics weren’t exactly  in love with it either (check out our reviews for the PS3 and 3DS versions).

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So why bother porting a relative failure? Who knows is the honest answer, but (as MCV points out) Disney may be simply trying to squeeze a few extra dollars out of a game that killed developer Junction Point and studio honcho Warren Spector’s career for the time being. That kind of makes sense. Kind of.

Source: MCV

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