Eternal Warrior #2 (Comics) Preview

Valiant’s Eternal Warrior fights on as he must confront the fallout from a centuries-old war.

After thousands of years on the battlefield, the Eternal Warrior has finally laid down his sword. But today he learns that when you turn your back on your destiny, your destiny may find another champion. And when that new champion is your own savage, immortal daughter, the balance of the world itself may be at stake.

So things are getting a little clearer as to the role of Gilad’s daughter. She’s definitely a savage warrior and maybe more than a little off-center (maybe a lot), so there’s little doubt that if she’s taken up the mantle of her father then the world is probably not in the best of places.

Oh and I can’t let that Valiant 8-bit Level 2 cover variant slide by without a comment. Mimicking one of the greatest and most-loved games of the Atari generation is a high-water mark for the promotion as far as I’m concerned. These things just keep on getting better and better and artist Donovan Santiago is putting on a clinic on how to make cool covers with them.

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Eternal Warrior #2 hits the stands on October 9th from the team of Greg Pak, Trevor Hairsine and Clayton Crain.

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