Every Journey Leads Home is a game starring a dog in space

Every Journey Leads Home is a game starring a dog in space

Just today, developers Longterm Games and Enjoy Studio unveiled a new 2.5-D platformer in the form of Space Tail: Every Journey Leads Home. At a glance, this game clearly evokes the visual aesthetic of titles like Ori and the Blind Forest, but this doesn’t mean it won’t have an identity of its own. The game’s premise, which sees an ordinary astronaut dog exploring alien worlds, will undoubtedly appeal to players who love dogs and a more laid-back gaming experiences. If Space Tail sounds like an interesting game to you, feel free to take a look at the whimsical announcement trailer below.

According to a press release, Space Tail takes inspiration from real-life animals who went to space before humans did. It stars Bea, who has to explore the unknown using little more than her natural senses. She may not have any superpowers, but her senses still allow her to enter a “detective mode” that can guide players and help them avoid threats. She also has two allies in the form of Comet Rose and 8088Y, who aid her in puzzle-solving and impact the game’s ending.


Explore like a dog, speak like a dog

Alongside these companions, Bea can also communicate with other extra-terrestrial beings during her adventure. These beings consist of both friendly and not-so-friendly faces, but either way, Space Tail’s dialogue system allows players to help Bea interact with them. This dialogue system models itself after dogs’ real-life behavior, and players need to make effective use of their dialogue options, lest they trigger undesirable consequences.

Space Tail advertises itself as a story-driven game, so players can expect to experience plenty of heartfelt and emotional moments as they progress through it. As of right now, the developers only stated that Space Tail will arrive this fall, so we have to wait a little more until they reveal when we can blast off into the stars.

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