Evil Dead 2 comics line monstrously expands at Space Goat

Evil Dead 2 isn’t just the second movie in the resurgent horror franchise, but a whole universe unto itself. And thanks to Space Goat, it’s about to get even bigger.

They’ll swallow your soul

Evil Dead 2 isn’t my favorite Evil Dead installment. That honor probably goes to either Army of Darkness or Ash vs Evil Dead season 1, but still, it’s hard to argue what a classic it is. Almost as funny as it was horrific, EDII was really a reboot of the first film. And it introduced us to one of the greatest horror heroes of all time – Ash.

And the folks at Space Goat seem to share in that fan enthusiasm. With a series of comics and a board game already out the door, they’re proving it. All things Evil Dead are about to blow up big time though, thanks a bunch of new products.

“For 30 years this year, Evil Dead 2 fans have shown their thirst for quality Evil Dead products know no bounds,” said publisher Shon Bury. “Fortunately for them, we have the same thirst.”

The Evil Dead 2 themed coloring book will be unveiled at Emerald City ComiCon in March 2017.

“The team at Space Goat has a knack for finding talented writers and artists that can pay tribute to the iconic Evil Dead 2 brand” said Director of Business Development Stephanie Kupperman. “We are thrilled to continue to work with them and have them bring new stories to fans.”

So what’s coming up?

For starters, we’re getting Evil Dead 2 comics for another three years. So there’s that. The new run will be starting off with a bang too, with a four issue mini-series titled Evil Dead 2: Doppleganger Wars.

The series smashes Ash headlong into a whole army of mirror-duplicates of himself. And if that doesn’t instantly remind you of a few things from the film/TV series, well you’re just not a fan. As I mentioned though, this is just the start.

2017 will also bring an adult coloring book, an art book, and a very cool sounding hardcover omnibus. That last one will be based off of the Evil Dead 2 comics that Space Goat has already brought to market. Look for it in the last half of this year, along with special “anniversary editions” of already released trade paperbacks.

Have a peek below at some of the art from Doppleganger Wars, and then rev that chainsaw – 2017 is gonna be a big year for EDII fans.

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