Evil West gets an extended gameplay trailer

Evil West gets an extended gameplay trailer

The video game industry could always pull more from the Westerns genre, and Evil West is the latest game that’s happy to oblige. Evil West, from developer Flying Wild Hog, was initially revealed back at The Game Awards in 2020. It’s a third-person action game where players take on the role of vampire hunter Jesse Rentier. Flying Wild Hog is also known for other rough and tumble shooters like Shadow Warrior and Hard Reset.

The new Evil West trailer gives us an extended look at various aspects of the game. Some light exploration allows players to swing to new areas and find extra coins, and there seems to be plenty of variety to combat. Encounters are fast and let players use a mixture of guns, melee attacks, and satisfying environmental kills. Unlockable perks should also make this more enjoyable as the game progresses.


The Evil West trailer also shows off a variety of locations, including a more typical Western town, as well as a darker and more supernatural underground section. A range of interesting-looking monsters adds some variety to combat encounters as the trailer progresses, and there are some brief glimpses at cutscenes that depict what we can expect from the story-driven campaign.

Just what the doctor ordered

Being a Western would have been enough to make Evil West interesting, but the game is doing a lot to go beyond that. Protagonist Jesse is part of a secret organization trying to eliminate a vampire threat from the West. We don’t get to see much of the story in the latest trailer, but we hope that this premise leads to a fun narrative.

There’s also the distinct impression that Evil West knows it’s a video game, and we appreciate it for that. You can play the game alone or in co-op. The game also appears to be a focused adventure, with arcade-style action at the front and center.

Evil West will be released on PC on September 20.

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