Exclusive Fortnite action figure pack heading to Sam’s Club

Fans of Epic’s ubiquitous online title Fortnite will want to check out big-boxer Sam’s Club. They have a new 4-pack of action figures landing soon.

Fun in a Fortnite

It’s stunning to me how Fortnite continues to be an absolute smash. While other battle royale shooters have come and gone, including the genre’s originator, Epic Games’ juggernaut just keeps on rampaging.

Being as popular as it is too, there’ve been a bunch of licensed items out there. These have ranged from role-play stuff to 6″ action figures. Till now I haven’t seen anything in the 12″ scale, and yet here we are today with just that.

A Sam’s Club exclusive, this new four pack of action figures starts off something called the Victory Series. At a 12″ scale, they’re larger than any other Fortnite figure out there (as far as I know), and sport 7 points of articulation. That includes what looks to be ball-jointed hips. Pretty neat for something like this.

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The pack includes Panda Team Leader, DJ Yonder, Skull Trooper, and Black Knight, with more “outfits dropping soon” according to the listing. The box-set looks to be available right now from Sam’s, and retails for $29.98.

You can check it out at the link here. As of this writing, it’s sold out online, but you can still schedule the ‘ship to store’ option.

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