Extensive gameplay demo unveiled for stylish shooter I See Red

Extensive gameplay demo unveiled for stylish shooter I See Red

If you’ve wanted to play a high-octane action game with a slick visual style, then I See Red could very well scratch that itch. Developed by Whiteboard Games, I See Red functions as a rogue-lite twin-stick shooter in which white, black, and red make up the primary colors of any given segment. Most of the time, the backgrounds and main protagonist sport a monochromatic look, whereas the enemies and, of course, the blood come completely basked in bright red. If the gameplay features and aesthetic of I See Red seem appealing to you, then you might want to check out the extensive trailer that recently dropped.

I See Red gives players the freedom to decimate hordes of enemies with a whole host of destructive weapons. A standard pistol combined with a secondary weapon allows players to rapidly switch between firing types whenever they want, and a number of acquirable skills can customize your player character into the ultimate fighting machine. The gameplay trailer specifically highlights the grappling hook, a unique weapon that can pick up and throw objects, as well as close distances between enemies.


Consumed by vengeance

Additionally, a press release for the game goes a little bit into its narrative, which stars an outlaw seeking revenge in “the infinite depths of space.” Notably, the red color scheme of the enemies serves as a visual representation of the player character’s anger and bloodlust. As indicated by the monochromatic visuals of the environments, the world does not matter to our protagonist; all that matters is his targets.

If the trailer spoke to you in any way, then you can try out the free demo of I See Red on Steam. The game is slated to arrive on both Steam and the Epic Games Store sometime this year, so it will probably won’t take long for an official release date to come out.

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