F1 2020 rolls out a new Features trailer to secure a podium finish

F1 2020 rolls out a new Features trailer to secure a podium finish

Back in May, Codemasters’ F1 2020 showed off some gameplay in a debut trailer. While that was enough to get fans all revved up for the upcoming entry, the developer still held back plenty of information. Now, in a brand new trailer, the developers have shone a light on a slew of features that racers can look forward to in F1 2020.

With the addition of two new circuits, the Hanoi Circuit and Circuit Zandvoort, Codemasters hopes to cater to drivers of all skill levels. My Team, improved on-track options, the reintroduction of split-screen, classic cars, and so much more await players at the starting line.

Racing stripes

The headlining feature has to be My Team, which is F1 2020‘s new driver-manager feature. Aside from racing to a podium finish, this mode will make you responsible for plenty else. Car customization, picking the best drivers, improving team facilities – you’ll control this and more in an all-hands approach to the F1 experience. Meanwhile, off-track decisions will impact your team’s morale and motivation. Make the right calls and implement the right upgrades, and you will succeed.

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Players will also have more freedom to choose how they want to race. F2 integration comes alongside shorter seasons, while simplified menus and driving assists can ease newcomers into the F1 2020 experience. Codemasters has also taken into account feedback from both the professionals and the community. It has made on-track improvements, including a simple button press to activate ERS (energy recovery systems). That should make it all feel more natural. The devs have also added a virtual rearview mirror to give you more track awareness.

Competitive spirit

F1 2020 will also introduce some live elements into the game via the new Podium Pass. Each season, you’ll race your best and earn XP towards unlocking free customization items. Race equipment such as gloves, overalls, helmets, and podium emotes are all up for grabs. More hardcore racers can purchase the VIP upgrade, which opens up higher-level rewards and more in-game challenges.

All pre-orders of F1 2020 will earn you a free Season One VIP access. If you remain dedicated enough, every season will earn you enough currency to purchase the subsequent VIP Podium Pass.

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“In a little less than a week, our players will finally be able to experience all the innovations in F1 2020. This year we have created new features which cater to every type of race fan,” franchise game director at Codemasters, Lee Mather, said. “From My Team, which gives players a real insight into the world of Formula 1, to the more casual split-screen, F1 2020 is the ultimate virtual racing experience to accompany the revised 2020 F1 season.”

You have just a week to sharpen those skills, as F1 2020 arrives on July 10.

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