Fables: The Wolf Among Us available starting tomorrow

Telltale’s next adventure game masterpiece will be available for consoles starting with tomorrow’s Xbox 360 release. Trailer post-jump.

Set prior to the events seen in the first issue of the FABLES comic book series, The Wolf Among Us puts players in the role of Bigby Wolf, a man once more infamously known as The Big Bad Wolf. Now the sheriff of a hidden community in New York City, exiled from the land of fairy tales, Bigby is tasked by the bureaucrat Snow White to keep order within a society of mythical creatures and characters trying to remain undetected in the world of the mundane. From a chain-smoking member of ‘The Three Little Pigs,’ to a car-stealing Mr. Toad itching for his next wild ride, The Wolf Among Us examines the lives of beings straight from the pages of myth and lore, now trying to survive on the meanest and most run-down streets of New York City.

I had the chance to take a brief look at Fables in action at a preview event a short time ago and the game looks nothing short of stunning in motion. You really can’t even tell from the trailer above how incredible the designs are and the animation is. It’s basically like watching a comic book come to life and, dare I say it, it looks leagues better than season one of The Walking Dead did.

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The season premier, titled ‘Faith’, will be available tomorrow for the Xbox 360 and will cost you $4.99 USD all by itself. The Season Pass is also up for sale as of Friday and includes all five episodes of the game for $14.99, which is a pretty good savings over the individual $4.99 per episode tag.

A little bit different is the PC version of The Wolf Among Us, which will cost you $24.99 for the season. There is a bit of a deal to be had though since you can still get in on the pre-order fun for PC and nab yourself a 10% discount.

As for the PS3 version of the game’s first segment, expect to see it on the PSN this coming Tuesday, on October 15th. Individual episodes will cost you the same as on the Xbox 360 here, but the full season will run you $19.99 instead of $14.99.

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