Facebook cloud gaming now a reality as competition heats up

Facebook cloud gaming now a reality as competition heats up

The cloud gaming arena may still be in its infancy, but that has not stopped tech giants from jumping in. We know Microsoft is on board with Project xCloud, while Nvidia’s GeForce Now continues to make improvements. Now, we have a new competitor joining the fray. The concept of Facebook cloud gaming is now a reality, thanks to the launch of some cloud-streamed games via browser and the Facebook App.

There is certainly stiff competition lying in wait. Together with the aforementioned Project xCloud and GeForce Now, there are also Google Stadia and Amazon Luna. Unlike the rest of them, Facebook cloud gaming will not be branded as its own entity. In fact, it will be offered as part of Facebook Gaming. Facebook’s VP of Play, Jason Rubin, goes into more details regarding the new addition in the announcement blog post. Seeing the others taking their first steps into the new space has also given Facebook an advantage in rolling out their service.

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One step at a time

Rather than overhyping the service, Facebook cloud gaming will be taking it slow. The offerings at the start will focus more on mobile games limited to certain genres. What lies ahead is anyone’s guess, but it is definitely wise of the tech giant to learn from the mistakes of others. With the service still currently in beta, we can expect the selection to expand over the next few months.

Another attractive point of Facebook cloud gaming is that all of its current games are free-to-play. With no upfront costs to play, consumers can decide for themselves if they want to engage in in-app purchases. This is definitely in line with the direction of Facebook, which started everything off with browser games that offered ease of entry. The new service will come to the US first, with California, Texas, and several Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states included for its initial beta launch.

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