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The 10th issue of Faith brings together some plotlines that seem like they have actually been around for a little while in the story. Four previous villains are reintroduced in a new context, and the pages of the 10th issue of this book does a good job of explaining where the villains are coming from as being opposed to the titular character.

The pages of this book don’t tell an extremely compelling story to start, but there are enough chuckles throughout to keep the reader engaged for the duration.

The plot:

It is always kind of tough to review the plot without going into spoilers, but here, it is a bit easier. 

Four villains from Faith’s past come back and unite in the 10th issue. Each one has a specific grievance with the super hero, and each one is different enough to bring something unique to the team.

While the villains are getting together, Faith is dealing with some super hero and personal life stuff. It is nice to see a hero deal with things that are not only fighting crime and stopping super villains, although I have a feeling that the next few issues will see Faith doing a fair bit of that as well.

Issue 10 gives newcomers a good jumping on point as Faith is characterized pretty well. We see her as a vulnerable person, not just a robotic super hero. There is plenty of room for the plot to continue develop in the future, as well.

The artwork:

I was not as impressed with the artwork in Faith as I am usually by Valiant books. This does not mean that the art is bad. I really just mean that the work is not as flashy or as intricate as the work seen in Savage or Manowar.

The work definitely has a charm. I especially enjoyed the artwork of Dark Star, the cat. Otherwise, everything is clear, if a little bland.

The writing:

The writing is probably the strongest piece of this book. I found myself laughing at the dialogue at multiple points in the book. Again, my favorite part in this regard is Dark Star the cat, who was able to make me chuckle with his dead pan humor and matter of factness. 

Some parts of the writing paled in comparison, especially when Faith was talking with her friends during her “down time.” I didn’t enjoy these parts, and the dialogue was not as interesting or as compelling as the dialogue that the villains had.

When it comes down to it, even the weakest pieces of the writing are great in Faith. The dialogue takes readers through an evolving comic book story, and fans will undoubtedly be excited to see the developments of the issue.

The conclusion:

The 10th issue of Faith is a good one, and it sets up the future in a satisfying way. The plot moves along at a good pace, and gives readers something new on just about each page.

The artwork is blander than other Valiant books, but still has a unique charm, and the writing in Faith is overall strong, but still has stronger and weaker points.

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