Fall Guys Sonic The Hedgehog skin is a nightmare and a blessing

Fall Guys Sonic The Hedgehog skin is a nightmare and a blessing

Mediatonic’s Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout may be in the midst of Season 2, but once again, the crazy team has brought us something completely out of left field. Although the broad theme for stuff is medieval, the wizards and knights are soon going to be joined by a speeding blue blur. That’s right, a Sonic The Hedgehog skin is now a reality in Fall Guys. It is both horrifying and exciting at the same time. Mediatonic definitely understands how to keep people excited.

It’s not the first time we have seen another game join the adorable battle royale. Portal already made a move with both Chell and P-Body joining the fun. This was followed up by Scout from Team Fortress 2. There was also content from both GRIS and Hotline Miami. Seeing a Fall Guys Sonic The Hedgehog skin is just par for the course now. Just as you would expect, the new costume will feature the prominent blue, the spikes, the red shoes, and of course, Sonic’s gloves.

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Fall Guys Sonic The Hedgehog Skin Is A Nightmare And A Blessing (2)

A blue terror

However, considering that the Fall Guys Sonic The Hedgehog skin is for the jellybeans, the final result is a little taxing on the heart and eyes. There is no mouth or snout, while the bottom and top half are dissected. Clearly, you can see a weird primate-like face when looking at it as a whole.

To celebrate this new collaboration, Mediatonic also held a live stream. Suffice to say, the images that followed are burned into our memories forever.

Interested players will be able to get the Fall Guys Sonic The Hedgehog skin for 10 Crowns later this week. Each half will cost you five Crowns. It just so happens to be Sega’s 60th anniversary as well. What better way to commemorate that than with one of the biggest games currently? It remains to be seen just what other new additions we will get for Season 2.

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