Fallout 4 The Poster Collection (Book) Review

The world of Fallout has been enthralling and fascinating fans of a fictional nuclear winter for just over 20 years. Fallout 4, released about 2 years ago, revived the series and brought with it some criticism.

Nevertheless, the art behind the game is always interesting and as such the Fallout 4 Poster Collection has been released for avid fans to decorate their rooms with atomic apocalyptic splendor. But just like the game, the collection itself came up short in my book.

Art Quality

Frankly, as an appreciator of art, I was not too impressed by this collection.

There are a few good pieces, but mostly sub-par ones and personally I find it quite below-average overall. The set designs and grey models are perhaps the best poster printing in the selection while some character concept art just seems amateurish. There’s something off about the lighting and contrast in some pieces as well.

The posters for the magazines are also lacking in detail. I had a look at the in-game rendering and it looks better than their posters. The lack of aging really does make a difference. Personally, my favorite poster is probably the Nuka Cola Girl. It’s warm, fun and I’d love to see it everyday since it’s one of the posters I find the least amount of faults in.

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I wouldn’t say these are “premium-quality”. There is fan-art out there that beats some of these hands-down. I’m shocked these were selected by the art director. Somehow it seems to me these were hurriedly made for this collection or a deadline.

In the end you’ll probably buy the whole 20 poster collection to hang only a few posters. “I am disappoint” Bethesda. Again.

Fallout 4 The Poster Collection
Release date: October 11th, 2017
Format: Art book (poster collection)

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