Fallout 76 inventory update increases stash size and makes QOL changes

Fallout 76 inventory update increases stash size and makes QOL changes

Fallout 76 has brought its inventory update onto the game’s main servers, following last month’s testing phase. The headline change here is that stash weight has been increased all the way to 1,200 pounds. That’s a 50% increase on the previous limit, giving players way more options for carrying items. Elsewhere, the inventory update alters the color scheme for those who suffer from color blindness, and adds new UI options.

Sticking with inventory for the minute, there’s some other neat changes alongside the stash weight increase. Players can now organize their gear into three main categories: New, Armor, and Food/Drink. Also, item stacks now display their overall weight, making it easier to organize your inventory.

In general, the update puts a real focus on quality-of-life improvements. Those improvements carry over to the Atomic Shop, Fallout 76‘s in-game store. The shop will now let you hide items you already own, decluttering the experience and making it easier to browse. The show/hide option is present in each Atomic Shop category.

From green to blue

One really meaningful change we spotted in the patch notes is a color change. To help out those who suffer from color blindness, C.A.M.P objects now display a light blue outline when placed. Previously, the items displayed a green outline where moveable, and a red one is still present when an item can’t be placed. We understand that this change will affect certain variations of color blindness more than others, but it’s a positive change nonetheless.

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Finally, a good freebie never goes amiss, and Bethesda is bringing one with this update. From now though February 16, players can log in and claim a free Heart Wrencher skin from the Atomic Shop, for the pipe wrench weapon. Better still, you can then use said weapon skin to complete challenges for even more cosmetic and consumable rewards.

The inventory update is now live on all Fallout 76 servers, and the rest of the patch notes are live too.

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