Fans have reverse-engineered the mobile Doom RPG and ported it to PC

Doom Rpg Pc Port Reverse Engineered By Fans

A dedicated group of fans have ported Doom RPG to PC. This relatively unknown installment of Doom was not easily accessible beforehand, but thanks to the team at GEC, you can now play it on your computer. Those interested can just head over to the Doom World forums to download it. This version of Doom RPG isn’t just an emulation either. The developers have reverse-engineered the whole game to make it run natively. For such a small team, it’s an impressive feat for sure.

For those unaware, Doom RPG released in 2005 for mobile devices. It is one of the more unique Doom games, as it combines the franchise’s signature first-person shooter gameplay with features typical of a turn-based RPG. By the standards of 2005 mobile gaming, it was a spectacular game that offered far more than just about any of its competitors. A full playthrough of Doom RPG takes several hours, which is incredible considering it was being played on the likes of a Nokia 6131 and Sony Ericsson w580i.


The engine that Doom RPG was built on was later used for Wolfenstein RPG and Doom II RPG. Those two games are easier to run on PC, but they still lack native ports. It’s unknown if they’ll also recieve PC ports, but it would be nice to have access to the full collection.

Fun but forgotten

Doom RPG tells the story of a great game that was largely forgotten due to the platform it was released on. It’s not uncommon that this happens with another example being the original Shantae released on Game Boy Color. But with time and the dedication of the right people, these games eventually get their due respect. Shantae saw its rise in recognition throughout the 2010s, and now, it’s time for Doom RPG to get that same treatment.

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